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Vigil Held For Islan Nettles, Black Trans Woman Killed in Harlem

Mourners gathered in Harlem on Thursday night to remember Islan Nettles, the 21-year-old trans woman who was beaten to death last week. Nettles was walking with friends on August 17 when she was confronted by a group of men. Once the men realized that Nettles and her friends were trans, they verbally and physically assaulted them. The attack happened one block away from a local police station.

Nettles died days later at Harlem Hospital after she was declared brain dead.

Thursday’s vigil was organized by Nettles’ mother, Delores Nettles, and several New York City LGBT organizations, including Harlem Pride, Gay Men of African Descent, and NYC Black Pride. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and several City Councilmen were also involved. Some of the city’s mayoral candidates, including Christine Quinn, Anthony Weiner, and Bill de Blasio, also attended.

“My baby can’t come back, my baby can’t go to school or to work like she wanted to, and it’s not fair,” Delores Nettles told the crowd.

will it ever end?

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today i found myself daydreaming of you. the roller coaster. the pain and the smiles. my heart over flowing with my love for you. i am okay now.. i am better now… but it sure as hell doesn’t mean i never miss you. that there aren’t things that i wish i could tell only you because that is what i did. i gave you my secrets. you were my best friend… and a favorite lover. it’s been almost a year.. and still, part of you still resides in my veins…